Fox Fire Farms Wines

Fox Fire Farms Chardonnay

With a rich golden clarity, this wine has a creamy-buttery flavor, with overtones of apples, pears, vanilla, cinnamon with a lovely aromatic hint of oak and spices. It is a well-balanced, full-bodied Chardonnay with a long finish. Aged in oak.


Fox Fire Farms Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is a well-balanced wine with a fruity flavor and a light aroma of cherry and plums with a hint of lemon and licorice. This wine is a favorite for out door cooking enthusiasts. It has a well-balanced, lighter bodied wine, with a medium finish. Aged in oak.

Fox Fire Farms Cabernet Sauvignon Colorado 2011

This wine is everything you’d expect from Cabernet Sauvignon, and so much more . It is a full-bodied wine, dark brick-red in color, with a complex oaky flavor that includes, black pepper, plums, coconut, and spices. It is a tasting experience you will thoroughly enjoy. Aged in oak.   Silver medal winner at the 2014 Colorado State Fair.   Bronze medal winner at the 2014 Colorado Governor's cup wine contest.


Fox Fire Riesling Colorado 2012  and Summer Riesling 2013

This pale golden wine has a semi-sweet with just a touch of residual sugar,  fruity taste that includes citrus, ripe pears, and apples — much like the traditional German Rieslings.  Summer Riesling, not quite sweet as the 2012 with a bright, sparkeling acidity


Fox Fire Red Colorado 2012

This dessert wine is like a day at the fair. It has the aroma of cotton candy and merlot grapes. It is a light-bodied sweet wine with a short finish. A favorite wine for celebrations.

 Fox Fire Farms Marquette Colorado 2011

The first of our French / American, cold hardy hybrids that we have nursed from the vineyard to the bottle. Similar to a very nice medium bodied Merlot, it is has a complex oak flavors, black pepper, ripe plums and jamminess. You will find this new release very interesting.    Sold Out:    Watch for our 2013 Marquette to be realeased in the spring of 2015.


Fox Fire Farms Mandarin Orange Muscat

Muscat wine base with all natural Madarin Orange fruit concentrate. Delicious orange, tangerine and mango flavors. Aromas of orange blossoms and honeysuckle.    Gold Metal @ 2014 Colorado State Fair

Fruit Wines

Our wine maker has crafted several grape based wines with an all natural fruit flavor concentrate added to meet the tastes of wine drinkers who like their wine on the sweet side. We have two red wines, Strawberry / Zinfandel and Pomegranate / Zinfandel. 

Hours of Operation

2015 Spring, Summer and Fall Hours:

  • May 15th to October 31st
  • 1 to 6 PM Thursday - Sunday
  • Closed Mon., Tues., Wed.

CLOSED FOR WINTER SEASON;  November 1st to May 15th

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Friday Nights

Fox Fire Farms Friday Nights

Wine Tasting

Our wine tasting includes light snacks to clear the palate.
Chocolate is available for our dessert wines.


  •  $6.00 per person.


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Where To Buy

Our wines are small in production, so we only sell at a few local places.

Delivery to your house or place of business can be arranged in case quantities, contact us for more details.

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