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Looking for an authentic vineyard and winery experience? Pagosa Springs and Durango Colorado area residents choose Fox Fire Farms in Ignacio, Colorado when they want a weekend escape and experience. We have a long history of being the southwest's premier certified organic farm. We are located 25 miles southeast of Durango and 40 miles southwest of Pagosa Springs as part of a 910 acre livestock farm, in a stunning Colorado setting.

Stroll the vineyards, and taste our wines at the winery. Fox Fire Farms is a soothing place to spend the day, rest your spirit and reconnect with nature. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a bottle of one of our wines as you gaze out over our tranquil pastures. You're always welcome at Fox Fire Farms.

Cold Climate Viticulture

At Fox Fire Farms we specialize in "Cold Climate" grape varieties.  The University of Minnesota and Cornell University have released exciting new grape varieties that are adapted to the cold climates of the upper Midwest and northeastern United States.  We have found that these varieties are perfectly adapted to our high altitude vineyards here in the mountains of southwest Colorado. These exciting new grape varieties have the ability to take the cold Colorado winters and then thrive in the summer sunshine of the southwest. Cool nights and warm days bring out the best in the cold climates varietals!

Growing grapes at high altitude has its challenges…

The most distinct wines come from areas where ‘mesoclimates’ occur. Vineyards perched above 5,500 ft of elevation, much like the vineyards in Europe and parts of Argentina have advantages of creating some of the most sought after wines in the world. Our vineyard is one of the highest in Colorado at 6,500 feet.

The high altitude viticulturalist faces both the benefits of high altitude growing and its challenges. Vineyards in the Rocky Mountains are concerned with the winter hardiness of their vines. They can count on periods of very cold temperatures, which can kill the vine down to the root level if precautions are not taken. The high elevation viticulturalist takes great care to ensure his vines survive the harsh winters with the knowledge that his grapes will produce wines that have a distinct regional bouquet. Our cool summer nights with cool summer days give our grapes the ideal weather they need for ripening.

Steep slopes, rocky conditions, and thin soils stress the vines and produce smaller fruit with superior natural acidity compared to lower altitude grapes. Lower altitude grapes literally can have too much sun and heat that produces a mediocre wine in the end. High altitudes, cool summers produce good acidity in the fruit. The benefits are a well-balanced wine with intense concentration, body and flavor. Since Roman times, mountain vineyards have been recognized for the high quality wines they can produce. Despite the challenges of high altitude vineyards, growers, and wine enthusiasts are increasingly attracted to their wines, which have unique qualities of taste and capacity to age.

In addition to the potential to produce better tasting, longer aging wines, grapes grown at higher latitudes with full UV exposure have the highest amount of resveratrol, an important antioxidant found in the thicker grape skins. They may also have antiviral, neuro-protective, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Higher altitudes can provide a diverse set of benefits. For example, greater UV radiation can cause the skins of the grapes to be thicker and have higher levels of color and tannins, which can be smooth and less astringent. Argentinean research illustrates that the skins of grapes grown at high altitude can be five times thicker than grapes grown at sea level.

 Pagosa Springs and Durango wine enthusiasts are discovering these small regional wineries, like our vineyard and winery is a source of some of their favorite wines.

Hours of Operation

Spring, Summer and Fall Hours:

  • May 15th to October 31st
  • 1 to 6 PM Thursday - Sunday
  • Closed Mon., Tues., Wed.

CLOSED FOR WINTER SEASON;  November 1st to May 15th

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Wine Tasting

Our wine tasting includes light snacks to clear the palate.
Chocolate is available for our dessert wines.


  •  $6.00 per person.


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Where To Buy

Our wines are small in production, so we only sell at a few local places.

Delivery to your house or place of business can be arranged in case quantities, contact us for more details.

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